Feral Hogs in Texas


One thing I would love to have at this time in my life is another horse. However, there is no way I can keep a fence intact due to these troublesome critters. Feral hogs take down my fence as they cross my property, east to west, within days of my fixing it. I found this out when I ran goats for a season to eat the KR blue stem grass growing in my pasture. If you’ve ever  tried to catch goats, you see my problem.

My nephew hunts deer during the season and catches huge numbers of wild hogs on his night cam at his deer feeders. There’s no season on feral hogs in Texas, so he keeps his freezer full of meat year round. They cause terrible problems for the farmers in their fields, get into hay stacks and tear them up, and interfere with deer feeders during hunting season, when many ranchers make money hosting hunters. They are an introduced species, not native to Texas. I sure wish there was an answer to the issues they pose.


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  1. Marianna Pool Belcher

    It’s the same in Southwest Oklahoma & probably much of the rest of the State. Some people trap them & butcher them. They make good sausage.

    • janalynknight

      They are really costly pests. I hope the State comes up with an answer to the problem soon.

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