Cowboy Strong

Cowboy Strong
Release Date: September 2020


Cowboy physical therapist Noah has a need to make a difference. There's no better chance than with gorgeous Acacia Richards and her Afghanistan war veteran twin brother, a quadriplegic with learning challenges. A simple misstep causes incredible hurt leaving Noah with his heart yearning for the woman he loves and a patient he won't give up on.


Acacia is worn to a ragged edge from caring for her child-like, quadriplegic brother after he came back from Afghanistan with no memory and helpless as a newborn babe. The day she meets Noah, the new cowboy physical therapist, everything changes. Noah brings toys and fun to therapy, and an answer to the nameless longing in Acacia's heart. The attraction goes both ways, yet Noah and Acacia know that their feelings have no future. Abandoned by the man she loved when it became clear her brother would need her full-time care, she's not about to trust again. Noah feels ethically bound to keep his distance because Acacia is a client. When a simple mistake causes terrible pain, somehow, they must overcome these obstacles and find the love they're searching for.

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