Immerse Yourself in the Real West

Get ready for cowboys who rope and ride in realistic detail. These sexy Texans will leave you feeling rode hard and put up wet.

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Welcome to Texas, y’all …


Ward is a rancher with an agonizing past—a man who is distant and cold. When he gives beautiful ranch hand Jayme Bonner a job, he doesn’t know about the danger that follows her, or how the woman and her young son would turn his life—and his heart—inside out.

Coming in April of 2020, COWBOY REFUGE


Since his divorce six years ago, Cash has kept to himself. When his buddies drag him off his ranch for a birthday celebration, he meets Dallas, a beautiful bartender. Rescuing her lands him in a tug of war with another man seeking her affections. Damn, Cash’s life is a mess.

Coming in June of 2020, COWBOY PROMISE


Noah is a cowboy therapist with a need to make a difference. There’s no better chance than with gorgeous Acacia Richards and her Afghanistan war veteran twin brother, a quadriplegic with learning challenges. A simple misstep causes incredible hurt leaving Noah with his heart yearning for the woman he loves and a patient he won’t give up on.

Coming in September of 2020, COWBOY STRONG

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