Title: The Cowboy's Sweet Nightingale
Series: Lassoed Hearts Series #4
Release Date: July 12, 2022
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What happens when the woman who broke Josh Rowder’s heart, the woman who can’t stand the sight of him, suddenly becomes his granny’s caregiver? Nothing good.

When Josh walks through his front door and sees Nikki King feeding his granny, he knows he’s in trouble. Nikki never forgave Josh for what happened between them in high school, and he never forgave her for breaking up with him without giving him a chance to explain. Now, twelve years later, Josh is responsible for his grandmother’s care, which means he’ll be seeing Nikki every morning and afternoon. It’s an impossible situation, but there’s no other way.

Nikki doesn’t want to take a caregiving job on the Rowder ranch, working for her two-timing ex-boyfriend, but she’s too desperate to say no. She needs work close to home, where she and her mother share the care of her disabled father. And Nikki is good at her job. She knows she can make a difference with Josh’s grandmother—and if that means seeing the man she despises, then so be it.

They’re both angry and hurt over the past, but they’ve never forgotten the love they once knew. Could loving the elderly woman be the one thing that can bring their two broken hearts back together?

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