When a Mule Isn’t a Mule…

On a ranch, you could say that a cowboy’s best friend is his horse. Then again, he can’t do without his trusty cow dog, either. But what about his mule? A Kawasaki Mule, I mean.

That’s right, a UTV or utility task vehicle. There are many makes and models of UTVs and this type of vehicle has become indispensable in the ranching business. From tooling around the barnyard to putting out feed in the pastures and checking on cattle, this all-purpose vehicle fills in where riding a horse isn’t feasible.

Is it as romantic as riding the range on horseback? Heck no. But a UTV is a necessary tool for the modern cowboy.

Here’s the Mule I used when I worked on a 10,000-acre cattle ranch. This thing could really go! And I was sure happy to be in it when I fed the herd of “decorative” longhorns we kept. Those horns were wicked!

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