The Rodeo Life

Being raised western is a blessing that I thank God for every day. Where I grew up, every country town had a high school rodeo club. High school rodeos prepared you to rodeo in college and, if you were good enough, you went pro.

I loved the roping events, and, of course, the speed events like barrel racing and pole bending. Girls weren’t allowed to calf rope, unless it was breakaway calf roping, but goat tying was fun. In this event, you run your horse full speed up to the goat, slide to a stop and dismount. Then you throw the goat on its side and tie both back legs and a front leg together. Time’s up when you put your hands in the air.

This photo was taken the first year I decided to enter a queen contest. I was already working my Quarter Horse mare on reining patterns which are part of how you qualify and I figured what the heck? I won second attendant for the PRCA rodeo that came to our county once a year.

Have you ever participated in high school rodeo? What high school sport were you active in? Comment and tell me all about it.

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