Title: The Cowboy Texas Ranger's Temporary Wife
Series: The Cowboy Texas Rangers #2
Release Date: October 31, 2023
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Maverick Decker comes into the Iron Horse café every day that he isn’t traveling for his job as a Texas Ranger. He’s been doing that for the past five years and during that time he’s become close friends with his favorite waitress, Jasmine Garner. She often takes her coffee breaks at his table and their conversations include sharing intimate details of their personal lives.

When Jaz, who has no health insurance, finds out that she has Classic Hodgkins Lymphoma, Mav proposes to her. She immediately refuses, but he eventually wears her down, and after a marriage at the Justice of the Peace, and to avoid any hint of fraud, she moves in with him.

Armed with Mav’s health insurance, her chemo treatments begin. Jaz becomes weak and Mav tenderly cares for her. Their friendship gradually grows into much more and though they don’t share their deepening feelings with each other, their marriage of convenience becomes something very different. Their lovemaking is tender and sweet, and they each live in the moment, refusing to think of the future.

When tragedy happens, a decision must be made. Will Mav and Jaz stay together? Find out in this spicy friends-to-lovers romance from award winning author Janalyn Knight.

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