Title: The Cowboy Texas Ranger's Very Special Agent
Series: The Cowboy Texas Rangers #1
Release Date: July 25, 2023
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Texas Ranger Cal Morgan responds to a homicide call with drug cartel connections and finds DEA Special Agent Vic Quinn already on scene. Her bloody shirt and shattered look are testament to the fact that she’s just held a dying four-year-old in her arms.

When the cartel shooter recovers from his wound, the DEA decides to turn him as a witness. Vic, who wants to see him pay for the murders he committed, is devastated. As she and Cal work the case, the Cartel discovers the witness’s location. Friendship blooms into something much more as they face danger together in a race across Texas.

When Vic disappears, will Cal find her in time to save her? Find out in this sexy friends-to-lovers romantic suspense by award winning author Janalyn Knight.

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