Book Genre: Contemporary Western Romance

The Cowboy SEAL’s Secret Baby

After tragedy strikes, Flint Carswell cuts short his career as a Navy SEAL and returns home to his family’s South Texas cattle ranch. Grieving and angry with the world, he encounters witty and sexy-as-sin Morgan Flemming, the woman he spent a wild week with the year before and then promptly forgot.

Carrying demons from her past, Morgan is horrified to see Flint pull up behind her in the bank drive-up where her car is refusing to start. Since learning from her best friend, Flint’s sister, that the strong, mouth-watering SEAL has come home for good, she’s been dreading an accidental encounter with him. Her adventurous, uninhibited behavior with Flint while she was grieving the loss of her mother is something she’ll never forget. And, at all costs, she must keep secret what happened after he returned to his platoon.

Fate has different plans, throwing the two together at every turn, and Flint finds solace from his grief with Morgan. He wants to be the man Morgan turns to when she’s in trouble. But when he figures out what she’s been keeping from him, he wants to become a permanent part of her life.

Having suffered a traumatic childhood, Morgan fears trusting a man in her life, let alone her child’s life. Will Flint prove to Morgan he has put aside his anger and grief to be the man of her dreams? Can Morgan learn to trust—and love? Find out now in this spicy SEAL-turned-cowboy love story you don’t want to miss!

Posted July 19, 2021

Cowboy for a Season

When the husband she no longer loves dies, Hannah is left with a large West Texas ranch to run. An air of sadness—brought on by her inability to bear a child—overlies her hardened determination to persevere.

Hiring Brazilian Professional Bull Rider, Alex, who is slowly recovering from injuries which threaten to end his career, will help Hanna get her wheat in before the fall rains come. The handsome cowboy makes it clear that he'll return to bull riding with the start of the new PBR season in January.

But without warning, his world is turned upside down. His ex-wife drops his toddler daughter, Chloe, at the ranch. Hannah hasn't counted on caring for the cowboy or his precious daughter. Despite his love for Chloe and the way he cares for Hannah, Alex’s goal remains the same—to return to bull riding, the only life he’s ever wanted. Three hearts hang in the balance. One decision could break them all.

Don’t miss Cowboy for a Season by Janalyn Knight. If you like hot cowboys, strong women, and ranching in the new West, then this book will have you burning through the pages. Check it out!

Posted June 25, 2019

The Cowboy’s Choice

Adam’s past walks through the church doors, and he falls in love for the first time all over again. Could it be different now? Could he be? One thing is certain. This time, he will give it all—give anything—to make beautiful Lara his. No one and nothing, will get in his way. Lara Cole has a painful secret, and the last person she can share it with is handsome Adam Govain, the cowboy turned emergency trauma surgeon who was her first love. When he left her for college in Boston, neither knew the pain fate had in store for her. Now, thirteen years later, they're thrown together again. As remembered love blossoms, her long-buried agony comes with it.  Lara can shove the anguish back in its black hole or find the courage to face it at last. The Cowboy's Choice will make you laugh and make you cry and will stay in your heart long after you've turned the last page. Get yours now.

Posted November 1, 2019