Book Genre: Contemporary Western Romance

Stone One Tough Texan

MIRACLES ARE ONE THING… Stone Thurston refuses to see the ranch his family built through blood, sweat, and tears fail under his leadership. Praying for anything to save the Iron Horse Ranch, he’s shocked by the miracle offer from Wy Talbot.

A talented female landman, Wy has made an impressive career in the oil and gas industry and has worked with many handsome cowboys though she’ll be damned if she ever falls for one. But Stone’s sweet drawl and southern manners begin to break apart the walls she’s built around her heart.

UNEXPECTED DESIRES ARE ANOTHER… Stone has been so focused on the ranch and being a single father, he hasn’t given himself the chance to find love. As he works with Wy, passions grow and feelings deepen. But Wy never planned any life other than doggedly pursuing her career, and Stone can’t imagine her being anywhere but with him. When disaster strikes, will they witness the true miracle of love?

Posted September 25, 2020

Cowboy Promise

Torn between the love of a handsome cowboy and a man-of-the-world wealthy lawyer, single mom Dallas juggles caring for Piper, her three-year-old daughter whom she cherishes, and working two jobs to make ends meet.

Dating two men at the same time complicates Dallas’s life exponentially. Though each man knows he is not her only passion, they both strive to be the best, the only one she will choose.

Pressure mounts as one date follows the next and her love for each man intensifies. Growing up poor entices Dallas to choose the lawyer as he can offer Piper everything she dreams of and an expensive college education. Yet the cowboy gives his heart freely, has a wonderful life on his ranch and loves spending time with her daughter.

Unable to choose and with time running out, will the men lose patience and leave Dallas with no one to love?

Praise of the book:
Janalyn Knight, author of Cowboy Refuge, returns with more hot cowboys in Cowboy Promise. Single mother Dallas Royle goes from being wary of men to being pursued by two hotties. The hard part of her dilemma is discovering whether the lawyer or the cowboy has truly won her heart. Another sweet romance with a bit of after-the-wedding-ceremony spiciness. - Suanne Schafer author of A Different Kind of Fire

Posted June 9, 2020

Cowboy for a Season

When the husband she no longer loves dies, Hannah is left with a large West Texas ranch to run. An air of sadness—brought on by her inability to bear a child—overlies her hardened determination to persevere.

Hiring Brazilian Professional Bull Rider, Alex, who is slowly recovering from injuries which threaten to end his career, will help Hanna get her wheat in before the fall rains come. The handsome cowboy makes it clear that he'll return to bull riding with the start of the new PBR season in January.

But without warning, his world is turned upside down. His ex-wife drops his toddler daughter, Chloe, at the ranch. Hannah hasn't counted on caring for the cowboy or his precious daughter. Despite his love for Chloe and the way he cares for Hannah, Alex’s goal remains the same—to return to bull riding, the only life he’s ever wanted. Three hearts hang in the balance. One decision could break them all.

Don’t miss Cowboy for a Season by Janalyn Knight. If you like hot cowboys, strong women, and ranching in the new West, then this book will have you burning through the pages. Check it out!

Posted June 25, 2019