Book Genre: Contemporary Western Romance

North One Tough Texan

FATE MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS… Cowboy attorney North Thurston needs a nanny for his eighteen-month-old son, Dain ASAP. In the small town of Rankin, Texas, his pickings are slim. Faith Cimmernan works nights at the local nursing home and jumps at the chance to care for Dain as she used to care for her younger foster siblings. The joyful and loveable young boy fills her once lonely life with happiness and laughter, and North leaves her longing for more of his valuable time. They have both struggled with sadness in life, and a delicate bond begins to grow into a deeper relationship.

…OFTEN CHANGING THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE… As the chemistry between North and Faith heats up, danger lurks around the corner. North wants nothing more than to give his love to Faith and enjoy the gift of her in his life. But fate may have different plans, and he may be the only hope to protect her. Ultimately, they will have to let their hearts guide the way…

Posted October 15, 2020

The Cowboy SEAL’s Daddy School

The last thing Slade Williams, the intensely driven, hard-partying Navy SEAL, sees coming is his future as a single father. He already knows he sucks at the daddy part, not that it’s really his fault, but a tiny-for-her-age six-year-old daughter now looks to him as the center of her world.

Tina Anderson, the pretty first grade teacher Slade dated the previous year when he visited his SEAL buddy’s cattle ranch and then promptly dumped, wants nothing to do with the outgoing man who so easily forgot her. Her heartbreaking past made this rejection a nearly unbearable experience. Yet, when she hears that Slade will be taking in his grieving daughter, she’s ready to offer her help.

But trusting the handsome ex-SEAL is another matter. When passions sizzle, she refuses to give in. It’ll take a lot more than good looks and a devastating smile to win this strong woman over.

Has Slade finally met his match? Will Tina find a way to forgive and forget? If you like your romance to sizzle, get your copy of The Cowboy SEAL’s Daddy School, an irresistible blend of sweetness and heat.

Posted July 19, 2021

The Cowboy’s Wish

Dylan’s heart lurches as his fantasy girl approaches the door to his father’s doctor’s office. He hasn’t seen Lennie Duncan since high school, and she’s only gotten sexier. Grinning like a fool he opens the door, and her cool gaze meets his. Damn, she still won’t give him the time of day. He tips his hat. It’s time to give her a reason to pay attention. There’s more than one way to make a girl fall in love with him.

Lennie struggles to push her father’s wheelchair up the sidewalk’s steep incline toward his cardiologist’s office. Despite his stroke, her father is still a big man. Maneuvering through the heavy door is always a giant pain. Before she can tackle it, the door swings wide, and Dylan Govain steps out flashing that confident champion bronc rider’s grin. He’s grown into a man and so handsome she could spit. Why does it have to be this cowboy who sets her pulse racing? The Govain-Duncan feud goes back generations, and their daddies hate each other. No good will come of encouraging this cocky cowboy, yet, despite the fact that her father would kill her if he knew, she wonders what it would feel like to have this cowboy’s arms around her.

Circumstances keep throwing Dylan and Lennie together and, despite their feuding families, sparks fly. But Lennie’s heart has been cruelly crushed before and the last person she’ll trust it with is a Govain. Besides, she’s responsible for running her family’s failing cattle ranch now and dealing with a man in her life is the last thing she needs. Dylan has wanted Lennie since grade school and he’s done with waiting. She’s in trouble and he’ll find a way to help, despite her aversion to everything Govain. But, can Dylan’s love overcome her father’s fierce grip on a 150-year-old feud? Find out in this edgy, yet gentle love story set in the beautiful expanse of a West Texas cattle ranch.

Posted December 1, 2019