Title: The Cowboy's Lucky Lady
Series: Horsehead Texas Series #5
Release Date: May 24, 2023
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Dane Weller, world champion steer wrestler, is disgusted with his long days of recovery from a fractured arm and three broken ribs and heads for the historic Purple Cow bar in his hometown of Horsehead, Texas.

Alexis Snowden has a not-so-well-kept secret. Her parents died leaving her family ranch deep in debt and the bank has already said that when the note comes due, they won’t refinance. Desperate for a solution, she puts her extensive skill at poker to bear on the problem evenings at the Purple Cow bar.

Intrigued by the beautiful rancher and her skill at cards, Dane sits in on her nightly games, soon realizing from the gossip around town that there’s a desperate reason for her gambling. He’s determined to find a way to help.

When he proposes a bet with a large envelope stuffed with cash, Alexis is intrigued, until she finds that her end of the deal is for something entirely different, something she desperately doesn’t want to do.

Will Alexis choose to play for the cash and consequences be damned? Find out in The Cowboy’s Lucky Lady.

If you like handsome cowboys and the courageous women they love, then Janalyn Knight’s spicy romance books are for you!

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