Title: The Cowboy's Unlikely Love
Series: Horsehead Texas Series #4
Release Date: April 24, 2023
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Taylor Benson packs up and moves following her assault trial, leaving the gossip and sly looks she’d endured in her hometown behind. Eight months pregnant, she wants peace and quiet and a safe place to stay while she waits for the birth of her baby. Moving in with her Aunt Shannon on her rundown ranch outside of Horsehead Texas seems like the perfect answer.

Colt Meadows, an outgoing cowboy and local rancher, meets Taylor in the grocery store, sensing her sadness and even her fear. He finds out where she’s staying and realizes that she and her aunt live on the old decrepit Ardent Homestead alone. He decides to offer his assistance. Taylor, hesitant at first, soon becomes accustomed to his presence and appreciative of his help on the countless repairs the old ranch house needs. Colt knows that Taylor has been through some kind of hell. He doesn’t know what, but her demeanor says that it’s bad. So, he decides from the beginning that he will be her friend and no more.

When Taylor’s water breaks, Colt speeds her to the hospital in his truck. Taylor asks Colt to stay with her for the delivery and the experience bonds them in a deeply emotional way.

Weeks later, when danger suddenly finds Taylor, Colt puts himself between her and the men that threaten her.

Can Colt beat the odds and keep Taylor safe? Will Taylor open her heart and let Colt in? Find out in this deeply moving romantic suspense novel of the new West.

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