Book Series: Horsehead Texas Series

The Texas Cowboy’s Secret Baby

Title: The Texas Cowboy's Secret Baby
Series: Horsehead Texas Series #1
Release Date: August 16, 2022

When a night of desperation changes Misty Yates’ life forever, she determines to go forward into this next phase of her life alone. That is, until she has her well woman’s exam twelve months later. The results of that visit send her back to Horsehead, Texas, a town she never thought she’d step foot in again.

Rain Cooper is shocked when he finds out that Misty Yates has left a note for him while he’s out working cattle on his family ranch. He hasn’t seen or heard from her in well over a year and that was her doing, not his. When he learns the reason for her visit, he instantly goes into savior mode.

With Misty’s health crisis and an infant to manage, has Rain taken on more than he can handle? Will Misty, who feels she has nothing but trouble to offer, let Rain into her heart? Find out in this deeply-touching story of second-chance love.

If you like tender, sexy heroes and tough, beautiful heroines, then Janalyn Knight's sizzling-hot romances are for you!

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Her Cowboy Defender

Title: Her Cowboy Defender
Series: Horsehead Texas Series #2
Release Date: October 4, 2022
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Following a violent attack from her ex-husband Ray, Cassi Leon flees south Texas broke and with her four-year-old daughter Bess. When her truck breaks down outside the tiny north Texas town of Horsehead, Cassi knows she hasn’t left her life-time of rotten luck behind.

Monty Landen is instantly drawn to the beautiful and yet obviously tragic woman who can only be new in town since he’s acquainted with every soul in the sparsely populated King County. It saddens him to see that her swollen and bruised face draws the attention of her customers at Opal’s Restaurant where he’s stopped for coffee. That night, he realizes that she and her young daughter are sleeping in her truck and he invites them to stay at his family’s ranch.

Cassi’s life is changed in a wonderful way as she becomes a part of a loving family. Monty’s mother cares for Bess while Cassi works during the day and weeks go by with Monty and Cassi drawing close. Her hopes for a happy future blossom.

But all that changes when Cassi gets intrusive, unwanted attention from a deputy in town and she suspects that Ray may be using him to find her. As her suspicions grow and then turn to fact, Monty and his father prepare to confront the armed and dangerous Ray.

Can Monty defeat Ray and fulfill his promise to protect Cassi? Can Cassi survive what Ray has in store for her? Don’t miss the dramatic action and passionate romance in this thrilling romantic suspense novel.

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The Cowboy’s Fake Wife

When rancher Dillan Mandell offers to let the new female doc in town put her mobile home on his ranch, he has no idea what life has in store for him.

Heather Cain, sleepless for months due to her neighbors’ barking dogs, can’t wait for the peace and solitude that the handsome cowboy has promised her. But when her best friend dies leaving Heather guardianship of her tiny son, the busy doc’s life changes in an instant.

Dillan, a confirmed bachelor, is shocked when Heather proposes a marriage of convenience when she decides to adopt the toddler. She feels this will provide stability in her hectic life and improve her chances of becoming the child’s parent.

Dillan eventually agrees but as his feelings for Heather deepen, he chafes at the restrictions of the fake relationship.

When Heather receives an offer of her dream job and it’s on the opposite end of the country, will Dillan lose her and the child he’s come to love? Or will Heather finally acknowledge the depth of her feelings for the gentle cowboy who’s become such an integral part of her life?

Don’t miss this sweet yet spicy romance by award-winning author Janalyn Knight.

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